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offers high-end web hosting packages and multiple free tools, which will help you launch your website in minutes. We have an in-house developed web hosting Control Panel called Hepsia and our tests have revealed that it is at least three times faster than other hosting Control Panels. You can always rely on our 24-7 support staff whose representatives will respond to you in less than twenty minutes.

A Web Applications Installer

The Web Applications Installer tool gives you the ability to easily install more than 40 popular web apps, among them Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more, with simply one click. You don't need to download anything or create a database - our tool will handle everything for you. Should you require top quality website design services then visit this website.

A 24/7/365 Customer Support Service

Our support personnel is available to answer all your questions 24/7/365. We offer a 1-hour support response time guarantee, so you no longer have to wait for hours and hours for a support team technician to answer - they will reply in less than 60 minutes, the average reaction time being just 20 minutes.

Hosting features

  • An Advanced Hosting Control Panel
  • A web Apps Installer
  • Free Website Templates
  • A 24/7/365 Customer Support Service

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